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ENCOUNTERS NEPAL: Space Tours in the Himalayan skies

In a stressful world where demands are high & your hard earned dollars stack up in the bank & the interest ticking, you suddenly introspect & say to yourself, ‘what the hell, what have I worked so hard for?’ & your common sense tells you…a vacation calls & you need a breather badly, but – you are cramped on time; & desperate to make a dash for the little period you get to pamper yourself with a well deserved holiday. And there’s no better country in the world that can give you the most of everything in the least possible time than the landlocked small Himalayan nation of Nepal; where the unique geography begins from zero level in the flatlands of the eastern region of the country & rises to the highest point of Mt. Everest at 8848m in the ‘Khumbu’ – Everest region of Nepal.

Helicopter Tours in Nepal makes it a unique destination & probably the only country in the world that offers air tours, despite its geographical challenges where helicopters & planes fly across huge mountains of which some of the tallest of them are physically placed in Nepal; making heli-tours even more exciting & attractive. Heli-tours are especially meant for those who are disabled or aged or with health problems that disallow senior citizens to hike on the mountains or take part in any other extreme activities due to unavoidable medical reasons; however, this ought not to be a spoil sport to your quest to enjoy holidays at an age where you are retired & wish to experience things you’ve never done or seen in life. These space tours are an ideal outing that gives you much for a logical price enabling you to view ancient monuments, fertile valleys, gushing rivers of which some are the best in the world & gleaming peaks for which some are the highest on the planet, & all this can be done right from the windows of your helicopter you’re your video camy on overdrive to take pictures & bring back memories of some of the most unique sights that can be comparable to the best in the world. This is excitement of a special kind that gives you a sense of pleasure & fulfillment which you perhaps, hadn’t expected and then there’s the peace which is not found if you were to enjoy these sights on the ground with the hordes of tourists & backpackers that head to Nepal in the peak tourist season.

Nepal has so much on offer in beautiful areas that are not accessible by land & heli-tours would be just the kind of trip to warm your holiday spirits. Nepal can be your authentic ‘helicopter country’’ under such circumstances…

The vibrant Himalayan range in the north has more than 100 peaks that are over 6000 meters, of which 8 summits are among the world's tallest, and of course, the one and only Mt. Everest is definitely highlighted in your heli-program. The fertile lands in the south known as the ‘Terai’ also boast of abundant wildlife that’s extraordinary to view from your helicopter. Your heli-program can be what dreams are made off, there’s Kathmandu Valley laid out for you with its ancient cities, temples and monasteries, and the ‘City of Lakes’’ Pokhara Valley with its beautiful lakeside town perched like a baby in the laps of the stunning Himalayas. Touring these prime tourist areas can be organised within a couple of days without any obstacles that may interfere with your time constraints.

Some of the helicopters used in Nepal are the Russian MI-17 which is a large bird capable of transporting 04 tons of cargo & can fly to an altitude of 5000m. The other crafts available are the smaller; quiet French made ‘Ecureil AS350B series that offer more visual points & are easy to maneuver around the Himalayas; also on hand is the Kawasaki BK-117, these are smooth birds that offer a lot of visibility from different angles. The Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter is also well known for its Himalayan exploits, especially with rescue & evacuations.

The helicopter services industry in Nepal is now a well established air enterprise with many types and categories of helicopters. The pilots are highly experienced professionals with thousands of flying hours experience in Nepal’s rugged landscapes. The helicopter companies have excellent reputations and proven track records for dependable emergency and rescue flight operations. There are eight companies operating Helicopter services in Nepal. Helicopter Tours are simply a wonderful way to exploring the mystical abodes of the Himalayas where the gods are said to reside.

Please visit Encounters Nepal highly informative website to view some of the best offers of adrenaline filled helicopter tours to the Himalayan state of Nepal. For more details & any further information about our HELI-TOUR ITINERARIES please go to: www.encountersnepal.com or get friendly with us at: rishinepal@gmail.com, info@encountersnepal.com

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